Research at Yamazato Laboratory
April 01, 2021

Research at Yamazato Laboratory

We aim to approach the essence of communication by going beyond the existing communication framework.

Such as communication that dares to use noise (stochastic resonance), communication that uses visible light instead of radio waves (visible light communication), communication that utilizes machine learning, and the application of ultrasonic waves.

Stochastic resonace (SR) for communication

Stochastic resonance (SR) is a nonlinear phenomenon in which a system response is enhanced by additional noise.

Visible light communications (VLC)

Visible light communication (VLC) uses LEDs not only to provide light but also to broadcast data.

Open educational resources (OERs)

Open educational resources (OERs) are teaching, learning, or research materials that are available in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution.

We are currently focusing on developing OERs and their related technologies.

We also manage Nagoya University’s OpenCourseWare (NUOCW) site, which provides teaching materials used in selected courses available free of charge over the Internet to the public.