Prospective students
July 01, 2022

Prospective students

Thank you for being so interested in Yamazato Laboratory.

We are always interested in having talented and motivated students on our team. We value students who learn from each other and respect the opinions of lab members and colleagues. In addition, we desire to create an atmosphere that promotes personal growth and success.

Students in our lab tackle a wide range of communication engineering problems using a variety of approaches, including experimentation, modeling, and theoretical analysis. Because much of our research is conducted as a collaborative effort, students should be able to work effectively in a group setting. Students interested in joining Yamazato Laboratory as a research student, graduate student (master, Ph.D.), or postdoctoral fellow should contact Prof. Yamazato directly with a letter of interest in PDF format.

The following research is currently being conducted in the Yamazato Laboratory. Therefore, when contacting Professor Yamazato, please indicate which of these themes you would like to work on and how much background knowledge you have for this purpose. Of course, the other research topic is also possible, so please send us good proposals.

  • Visible light communications (VLC)

    • VLC for automobile

      • Integrated ranging and communication using a high-speed camera
      • VLC signal reception using a rolling shutter image sensor
      • VLC signal reception using an event camera
    • New VLC transmitter

      • Rotary LED transmitter
      • Propella LED transmitter
  • Stochastic resonance (SR) for communications

    • Noise-enhanced analog to digital converter
  • Beyond 5G and 6G

    • Connecting VLC terminals to 5G core networks
  • Obstacle position estimation using an ultrasonic sensor array

We suggest reading some of our published papers so that you will have some ideas of what we are working on.

Unfortunately, our lab does not provide financial support for students. Therefore, please obtain scholarships and other necessary funds on your own. Also, Prof. Yamazato will not assist you in obtaining scholarships.

For admission to Nagoya University, please refer to the following.

Also, please refer to the following for the admission guide for the Graduate School of Engineering.

There is also a lot of helpful information on this site.