Welcome, Dr. Shan LU
October 01, 2023

Welcome, Dr. Shan LU

Dr. Shan LU from Gifu University has joined as a lecturer at Yamazato laboratory as of October 1, 2023.

Dr. Shan LU was selected as a lecturer in the open call for female faculty members in 7 majors departmante in the Graduate School of Engineering.

Dr. Lu specializes in information theory and code theory. Since it is closely related to our laboratory (we are working on communication theory), Dr. Lu was assigned to the Yamazato Laboratory in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering.

The Yamazato Laboratory has been working on visible light communications and applying stochastic resonance phenomena to communications. Still, we have not yet improved the performance based on coding theory, such as error-correcting coding. Now that Dr. Lu has joined our group, we expect to be able to incorporate highly efficient error-correcting codes into visible light communication and other communication schemes being worked on in the Yamazato laboratory.

We also expect that we will be able to take an approach from the aspect of information theory, including communication channel capacity.