Congratulation on your graduation
March 27, 2023

Congratulation on your graduation

The 2022 Spring Graduation and Degree Conferral Ceremony was held on March 27, 2023.

Congratulation on your graduation

From the Yamazato Lab, five students have graduated or completed their studies.


You all are the first graduates of the Yamazato Lab. We hope for your continued success in the future.

Please feel free to come visit us again. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we were unable to hold any lab events this year, but we plan to return to normal next year, so we would be delighted if you could participate in lab trips and other events like drinking parties.

By the way, the President Sugiyama mentioned ChatGPT in his congratulatory speech, so I also tried to create a congratulatory message for our lab graduates using ChatGPT.

To our respected graduates of the lab,

Congratulations! We sincerely congratulate you on achieving this great accomplishment.

We express our heartfelt respect for the time and effort you have spent in the lab, advancing your research with enthusiasm and perseverance. We hope that you will continue to challenge yourself in new fields without forgetting this spirit.

We sincerely support all graduates in using their abilities to the fullest and achieving higher goals in their future lives. We also look forward to seeing our lab graduates shine in their future endeavors.

We wish all graduates good health and happiness always, and once again, congratulations!

Well, how was it? It feels like a poor literal translation, but hopefully it will improve and become more appropriate next year.